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In MLB The Show 18, most excels is?

Matt Llwellyn: it used to be pitching.If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding MLB SHOW 18 Stubs  kindly visit our web site.I use simulated pitch, and I'm good at manipulating the analog stick to where I need it, but with slower pitch speed and a larger (if not buggy) PCI, I definitely rake this year.

Kevin Scott: it's probably a compromise between pitching and defense, but definitely not batting. I'm a player who can still get a well-placed fastball, even if his speed drops, this year. But I like to think I can be better than a batsman on the field, and I don't play too many awkward games on the field.

Elliot Jenkins: I love batting, I wish I could play well, but I can't tell the difference between low pitches anyway. I was completely buried in the ground by the fastballs that went around the bottom of the strike zone and plopped the changeup and split under it. If we meet online, please don't throw those things at me. But when it comes to pitching, I'm a tedious tone-tuner, extremely dependent on things that are too slow.

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